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Knowledge and Dependability. Your time is valuable. You need a knowledgeable sales representative who can answer your questions quickly and efficiently.  You need dependable and on time delivery of your products.  Quality Petroleum's entire team is dedicated to meeting those needs. Our highly trained Distributor Sales Representatives have  the expertise and knowledge to guide your product usage, help you extend lubricant life and minimize waste.  Our Warehouse  managers, staff and drivers all work together to provide you with dependable service and delivery of your products.

Industrial Site Assessments

Quality Petroleum’s Site Assessments are an in-depth look at your industrial and transport operations to determine areas for improvement and increased efficiencies.  The inspection will evaluate your current cost, and provide solutions that will save you money, decrease your downtime, and increase safety.  The inspection is designed to provide you innovative maintenance solutions, equipment protection and business growth.

Shell LubeAnalysis

Shell LubeAnalyst is like a health check for your lubricants & equipment. It is a condition monitoring service which helps keep your business running smoothly. With regular oil sampling you are able to measure the condition of the oil and the equipment. You can trend wear-rates across a fleet of equipment, identify common problem areas and identify serious issues before they cause costly downtime or damage to equipment. This information allows you to plan maintenance interventions as necessary and minimize the impact of daily business activities. Equipment failures mean downtime, lost production and could even be potentially harmful to people or the environment. Shell LubeAnalyst will help your save money on maintenance and potential lost production by providing a powerful database of results and an early warning system. It gives you peace of mind that both the equipment/vehicles & lubricants are in good condition. 

Shell LubeChat

Shell LubeChat gives you the answers to questions about oils and lubes.  It brings you a vast array of Shell knowledge, equipping you to make faster, better informed decisions that can ultimately help bring down your total cost of ownership.  It's easy to use.  It works on your smartphone and your computer.  It's available 24/7.

Bulk Equipment 

Quality Petroleum is a full service equipment company specializing in designing, planning, consulting, installation, servicing, support, and maintenance of bulk lubricant equipment and services.

Unlike other equipment companies, Quality Petroleum provides unparalleled service and support not only before the sale by planning and designing the most cost efficient and effective solutions, but after the sale by providing service and support through our maintenance and service teams providing quick response service and repairs. We are focused on a long term business relationship with our customers and service their equipment and lubrication needs as one team focused on customer satisfaction. 

We offer a complete line of Automotive, Transport and Industrial bulk oil equipment from the highest-quality manufacturers.

Instant Expert 2.0 Training

Quality Petroleum’s Shell Instant Expert 2.0 Program is an up to 90-minute training session that enables you to learn about Premium products and how to recommend them to your customers. Interactive role-playing activities provide an opportunity to practice the skills that can help you identify customer needs and recommend the right motor oils. 

Once you finish the training, you and your staff will be able to:

  • Understanding of the different types of oils and industry changes
  • Consistently identify customer service needs based on vehicle make, model and mileage
  • Recommend the right oil and services to meet customer needs
  • Build the trust and relationships with your customers that can lead to repeat business

The Quality Petroleum Shell Instant Expert 2.0 program helps you apply and practice methods that can help you more confidently “right sell” the best products for your customers, including:

  • How to engage customers and ask the right questions to identify their needs
  • How to present the right Premium products while building customer trust and long-lasting customer relationships

By helping you identify customer needs and sell the right products, the Quality Petroleum Shell Instant Expert 2.0 program can help enable you and your staff to:

  • Build customer loyalty
  • Increase sales of premium High Mileage, Synthetics, and Ultra-Synthetic oil changes
  • Foster the long-lasting customer relationships that lead to customer loyalty




Engine Oils
  - Conventional
  - Synthetics​
  - High Mileage
  - Zinc Free
Hydraulic Fluids
Tractor Fluids
Automatic Trans Fluids
Gear Oils
Bar and Chain Oils
Drip Oil
Gear Head Oils
Motor Cycle Oils


Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Wiper Blades


Extended Life
Heavy Duty
Windshield Wash
Brake Fluids
Brake Cleaners
Starting Fluids
Power Steering Fluids
Metal Working Fluids
Carb Cleaners
Fuel System Cleaners
Penetrating Oils
Trans Fluid Supplements
Winter Chemicals


All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaners
Parts Cleaners/Solvents
Hand Cleaners
Glass Cleaners


Oil Filters
Air Filters
Fuel Filters
Transmission Filters
Cabin Air Filters

Spill Control

Oil Dry
Oil and Chemical Absorbent Pads
Oil and Chemical Spill Kits

Our Services include: 

  • Industrial Site and Fleet Inspections
  • Lube Analysis
  • Bulk Equipment
  • Instant Expert 2.0 Training

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