Safety and Compliance

Quality Petroleum is DPQA Certified From Shell Lubricants

Quality Petroleum has been certified by Shell's Distributor Product Quality Assurance (DPQA) program.  This quality assurance program is the lubricant industry's most stringent national inspection for bulk lubricant handling and packaging.  Shell's DPQA inspection program offers customers bulk oil and lubricant packaging exceeding industry standards.

In this program, Shell reviews not only procedures and specifications, but also includes inspections for proper piping and pumping systems and overall protection of the Shell product chain of custody. By meeting Shell's DPQA standards in 121 key items regarding bulk lubricants we have shown that our procedures, sampling, facilities, records, and total lubricant handling is designed to maintain product integrity.

This means that our customers consistently receive high quality bulk and packaged lubricants from Quality Petroleum.  Our sample and records provide and audit train for each lubricant delivery.  For more information on hour our DPQA certification benefits you as our customer, please give our office a call at (800)-423-6914.

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